StudioFit Training is the epitome of everyday health and wellness in regard to what we offer, where we offer it, and the community we serve. We strive to deliver the highest standard fitness product based on the fundamentals of positivity, motivation, and welcomeness. StudioFit promises to focus on two pillars - what we know best and what we believe we can make better: Personal Training and Group Fitness.

At StudioFit, we want you to feel empowered. We want you to see your strength, your ability, your true self and each hour of the day is another opportunity to do so. From our unique programming to our personalized hands-on training, we are thinking of you. We feel so fortunate for you, our member, and your trust to let us be a part of your fitness journey - we know it may not always be easy but we’re here every minute of the way. 

We are so happy to offer our studios to all, to represent fitness as an inclusive and motivating practice doable each day. We invite you to see how we are acting on our mission - to strengthen our communities and welcome you to the world of SF, the family that can help you win all the hours.


CEO | Founder

Area of Expertise: Lifestyle & Functional Training

How you Win The Hour: Waking up and accomplishing a hard workout before the sun comes up! 

Favorite Athlete: Lebron James

Something you’re often caught saying: “No glutes, no glory!”

Brand Director

Area of Expertise: Creating community 

How you Win The Hour: Sweaty workout class followed by a long stretch and a fresh pressed juice. 

Favorite Athlete: Serena Williams 

Something you’re often caught saying: “Everything in moderation.”

Team Leader

Area of Expertise: Lifestyle Wellness & Group Fitness

How you Win The Hour: Resistance training followed by a good sweat in the sauna.

Favorite Athlete: Marshawn Lynch

Something you’re often caught saying: “Last set, best set!”

Personal Trainer | Orlando

Area of Expertise: Women’s and Seniors Fitness

How you Win The Hour: Post-workout recovery spent gardening! 

Favorite Athlete: Tia-Clair Toomey

Something you’re often caught saying: “You can do hard things.”

Personal Trainer | Orlando

Area of Expertise: Biomechanics

How you Win The Hour: Cooking a hearty breakfast before hitting the gym! 

Favorite Athlete: Lewis Hamilton 

Something you’re often caught saying: “Every day is leg day!”


We are always looking for talented people who are passionate about fitness and wellness as we grow our studios in both Orlando and Naples. We'd love to get to know you and see if StudioFit Training is the right fit.

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